Thursday, November 23, 2006


i wish i could get away
not long just for a day
i'd go up and hang with the stars
fly by venus, mercury and even mars
sit on the moon and watch our globe
our only one, our humble abode
all its majestic grace
the sphere that holds our unworthy race
we tear in a part and don't fix it
we don't care not even a bit
and eventually it won't be there anymore
thats when life shuts its door
but if we take our stand today
what this poem says won't matter anyways
because if we work together as one
there is know limit on what we can get done

Monday, November 20, 2006

tree top wishing

i sat up on a tree on a hill
needed aplace where the events of the day could unfillthe caverns deep inside my mind
where i have come to find
its my only place where i can be free
the only place i can be what i want to be
maybe a man that can jump and soar
maybe a man who everyone adores
but i know i am just me up on this hill
and just to be like that i would kill
and the sad part about my thoughts are
there is some kid that lives really far
who wants to be like me
unless he could see
how my life is at this place
the stress that lines my face
so i think i'll stay in my tree and smil
eand maybe i can dream of filling someone elses shoes for awhile

sitting in french class

this is dedicated to Eric and the Paris Daily Photo Blog!

i was sitting in french class with madame piron and we were the only two to realize that Eric dedicated a photo blog to us. we thought it would be really cool to show everyone in our french class along with the health class that we are working on in the computer lab. when we pulled it up everyone was amazed that you actually acknowledged us looking at the blog and writing our opinion on the pictures. they are really hyped-up that there our other people around the world seeing what they write. so thank you for that dedication and thank you for your kindness and beautiful photos that i get to enjoy every morning i wake up



p.s. for anyone else that doesn't know what blog this is check it out:

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Person In The Mirror

this is one of the things i wrote onto my myspace blog...the posts in the days to come (unless they are my daily updates) will be from there too...enjoy!

theres a person in the mirror stareing at me
is it who i really am or what you wanted me to be
this person looks fake, with no soul at all
its like i have fallen into free-fall
i don't want to be him
i want to be me
i want to show everyone what i can really be
so i'll smash through the mirror and kill that man
with all of my might i'll do what i can
and if what you see isn't what you like
i'm going to tell you to take a hike
because if you only liked the person in the mirror
then you don't know the true me
and that is the side i'd hope you'd see

meet and greet

well, my first post...its 10:16 pm and i am pretty tired...i guess i'll just give you the basics of who i am...My name is Than J. Harrington and i livein adams center new york. I am 16 years old and i am 6 foot 4inches...i love to play basketball and throw the shot and disc in track and field. my other loves include France!!, video games, music and writing poems and stuff which is why i created this blog. some of my favorite sports teams are Manchester United, New York Yankees,Philadelphia Eagles, USC Trojens (college football) and Syracuse Orange (college basketball)....if you want to know anything else leave a comment and i will get to you!