Sunday, November 19, 2006

Person In The Mirror

this is one of the things i wrote onto my myspace blog...the posts in the days to come (unless they are my daily updates) will be from there too...enjoy!

theres a person in the mirror stareing at me
is it who i really am or what you wanted me to be
this person looks fake, with no soul at all
its like i have fallen into free-fall
i don't want to be him
i want to be me
i want to show everyone what i can really be
so i'll smash through the mirror and kill that man
with all of my might i'll do what i can
and if what you see isn't what you like
i'm going to tell you to take a hike
because if you only liked the person in the mirror
then you don't know the true me
and that is the side i'd hope you'd see

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