Monday, November 20, 2006

sitting in french class

this is dedicated to Eric and the Paris Daily Photo Blog!

i was sitting in french class with madame piron and we were the only two to realize that Eric dedicated a photo blog to us. we thought it would be really cool to show everyone in our french class along with the health class that we are working on in the computer lab. when we pulled it up everyone was amazed that you actually acknowledged us looking at the blog and writing our opinion on the pictures. they are really hyped-up that there our other people around the world seeing what they write. so thank you for that dedication and thank you for your kindness and beautiful photos that i get to enjoy every morning i wake up



p.s. for anyone else that doesn't know what blog this is check it out:


lynn said...

Interesting, good to know Eric is being used in class! Your writings are very deep and thoughtful. Keep it going.

GiuCe said...

that's right... Paris Daily Photo Blog started a way to see the world in a pic every day, know people and customers, it's fascinating all of this.

Nice post... :D

Eric said...

Merci Than, c'est très gentil de ta part d'avoir écrit un mot sur ton blog à propos de PDP. ;)

Et merci également à Mme Piron de s'être inspirée de mon blog pour donner un exercice à sa classe.

Bonjour de Paris !

(OK, now it's your turn to translate what I wrote!!)

Tomate Farcie said...

A lot of people from various countries use Paris Daily blog to get an idea of what Paris look like because they've never been and dream about it. Others want to remember places they visited while on vacation; and others (like me) are French expats scattered around the world who want to keep track of what's going on in the old country (and especially Paris) in a fun way.

Glad you enjoy Eric's blog, and hang in there in the French class. As many French people will tell you, French is a difficult language with too many exceptions the rules in Grammar, and none of them make any sense, even to a native. And I don't even know how a non-native ever learns to figure out the masculine and feminine for objects because there is asbolutely no logic to it whatsoever.

Michael said...

Hi there! I'm an American living in France for the past 9 years and I can tell you, it's STILL hard to learn French. I didn't have any classes before moving here and I certainly didn't have a cool teacher like Mme Piron, but I really try and the French people appreciate it.

Keep up the blogging and sharing your thoughts on Eric's great photos. It's cool to see what you all think and to have your perspective!

soosha_q said...

Isn't Eric such a wonderful guy? I think it's great that he shows us all sides of Paris, not the just pretty side that tourists usually only see. Through Eric we see that Paris is a real city with both wonderful things and bad things, just like everywhere else. He helps us to not only see the differences between our homes and his, but also the similarities; the things that bring us together.

Happy studying to you and all your schoolmates!